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June 17, 2014

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Stephanie Jubic

Many of us, Landmark Graduates in Upstate New York, are grateful for Stephanie Jubic for a big difference she has made to many of us in the community. Among her many activities, she led the team who managed our December 2005 Landmark Forum in Albany. Stephanie herself acknowledged all the past Team Leaders for their contributions. But most of all, we were especially delighted when Stephanie started the Northern Lights, our own regional newsletter in September 2005.

For all these contributions and much more, we acknowledged the Methodology of Landmark, because this awesome leadership and self-expression was not predictable from her past. Stephanie used to be that kind of person who did everything great and then went silently about everything else in life. The way she put it, she was living her life on the sidelines, more of an observer than a participant. Until that weekend in 2003 when she attended the Landmark Forum with her mom.

Throughout the course she became aware that she missed out a lot in her life because she was stopped by a particular fear. Stephanie used to be afraid to confront people and hold them to account if needed. In the Landmark Forum what had been concealed to her suddenly became obvious. Just seeing it had caused dramatic results in her life. Her relationship with her mom and everyone else had blossomed. 

But it was her participation in the Landmark Assisting Program that had altered her relationship with regard to her fear of confrontation. As she assisted in many events from the Landmark, she discovered an environment of support and empowerment. It was natural for Stephanie then to drop her reluctance and start receiving support from others. By receiving and asking partnership from people, she also naturally developed the skill to confront others whenever that was necessary in fulfilling her many dreams.

Today Stephanie is inspired to creating a world where people experience happiness and joy and love the life they live. Where all children are safe and free and can dream happy dreams. She invites all of you to make a difference together for a world where the power and magic of transformation for ALL people is present and fully expressed all over. 

Stephanie Jubic,
Team Leader Albany Landmark Forum, New York.

Stephanie Jubic,Albany, New York.

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October 15, 2005

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