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June 17, 2014

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and a breakthrough in productivity.

Shelli and Roger Hill did the Landmark Forum togetherDr. Shelli Cannon-Hill

Shelli was one of the Group Leaders in the last Velocity seminar in Charlotte, those people that were special partners of our seminar leader, Doug McVadon. It is the partnership that sees to it that the rest of us in the seminar actually have the support that we need as we work through our own humanity and still have the promise of the seminar be fulfilled.

Our last session of the Velocity seminar happened to be on the horrific September 11, 2001. Even though Shelli and Roger had to drive one and half hours each way to get to the seminar and back, they were there and contributed to others throughout the evening.

Finding the time I didn't have.

Table Rock, North CarolinaHi, I am Shelli Cannon-Hill. I am a wife, mother and Family Practice physician. My husband, Roger, is also a Family Practice physician, and we have two wonderful daughters, Stephanie and Shannon, who are 7 and 5 years old. This year I started practicing part time so I could devote more time to my family before they grow up. This has been much more enjoyable, but a lot more busy (if that were possible). In my "free" time I enjoy biking, outdoor activities and reading.

My husband and I took the Landmark Forum in February of 2001. We have also participated together in the Advanced Course and the Velocity Seminar. My brother and sister-in-law were the ones that introduced us to Landmark. It took them 3 years to convince me to take Landmark Forum. I was curious about the program, but could not see how I could work in a seminar of three days and one evening into my schedule. The hours seemed so long. 

Burke County Historic Courthouse, Morganton, North Carolina Now that I have done the course I can not believe I waited so long! The relationships in my life are so much deeper. I realized through the Landmark Forum that I was keeping most of the people in my life at a distance and that cost me having rewarding relationships and friendships. Since the Landmark Forum I have the possibility of being intimate in my relationships. I now see my family, friends and colleagues in a whole new way; it is very satisfying.

In the other Landmark Education courses that I have taken I have found a new confidence in being with people. It is easy to share my experiences with other people both in the courses I am taking and with the people I come into contact with everyday. The people I have met in the Landmark courses are amazing people. I have found a support system that is outstanding.

I am committed to making this education available to all of my friends and all the people in my work place. In the future I may not have to travel one and half hours to a Landmark seminar.

September 19, 2001
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