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Landmark Forum and breakthrough in confidence.

Maureen Ryan Griffin

I am a writer and a writing teacher - mentor - coach. I've published a book of poetry: "When the Leaves Are in the Water," (Sandstone Press,) a lot of individual poems, had some commentaries on WFAE (a radio station in Charlotte, NC,) and had some non-fiction articles published. I'm in the process of writing a memoir/cookbook with the working title of "How She Fed Us, A Compendium of Recipes and Reminiscences from a Mother's 50 Years in and out of the Kitchen." Long title, huh?

I live with my husband Richard (we've been married 17 and a half years,) my daughter Amanda, 15, my son Dan, 12, our dog Katie, our cat Sam-I-Am, and two hermit crabs. I have a huge extended family and circle of friends.

I did the Landmark Forum in December of '99. My brother Tim and my husband Richard were the ones who shared with me. What I had to give up to register in the Landmark Forum was that I shouldn't spend family money on “more personal growth stuff”.

Through my participation with Landmark I've had breakthroughs in my relationships with my children, my husband, as a facilitator, in my writing, with many of my friends and acquaintances -- really, all over my life. Many breakthroughs in keeping going toward what I want (in a relationship, for someone I love, in my personal productivity) past places where I used to be stopped.

An example where I keep going when I used to stop is with my children. I used to give up and walk away when they got upset with me. Now I keep being with them until whatever situation we are in the middle of is resolved.

Landmark Assisting Program
and the difference it makes.

I've completed the Landmark Curriculum for Living, both courses from the Landmark Communication Program and the Introduction Leaders Program. I led the Introductions to the Landmark Forum. There were two breakthroughs I had that I'd say are the two most beneficial in my life. Both happened as I took part in the Introduction Leaders Program, which offers a very special training in the Landmark Assisting Program.

First, that I am now able to move past my fear to have really straight conversations with people. If you read what people share on this web site, you will notice how most of us had to give up something, some considerations, before we even actually did the Landmark Forum. I was trained on how to fulfill on what’s possible for someone’s life rather than leaving someone stopped by what has always stopped him or her. By moving past my fear, I discover lots and lots of love became available to me that I never knew was there!

The second breakthrough was having the possibility of team open up for me. I had always, in the past, operated alone. Of course, I thought it was “my style”. Through the training in the Introduction Leaders Program, I saw that it was a function of the pervasive culture that I was part of. The culture of being human. I was able to go beyond that constraint as I choose for my self expression in the opportunity to serve others rather than the convenience and the predictability of doing everything on my own. Life's a LOT more fun when you're playing with other people and are free to do so!

What I love is seeing people lit up, inspired, being real. Who I am is the possibility of love, joy, leadership, and inspiration.

Richard, Dan, and Maureen at their Landmark seminar in Charlotte, NC.

Landmark Graduate Maureen Ryan Griffin of Charlotte, NC.

Landmark Graduates in The Carolinas

Evening Skyline in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Landmark seminar in
Raleigh-Durham, NC.

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Maureen and Denise greeting guests at a Landmark seminar in Charlotte, NC.

Amanda, Richard, Maureen and Dan on a camping trip

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