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June 17, 2014

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El Foro Landmark, New York, NY

a El Foro Landmark

7:00 PM to 10:45 PM

Landmark New York
317 A West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001
(between 8th and 9th Ave)

Estas cordialmente invitado a participar en una sesion de EL 
Foro Landmark. En este evento tienes la oportunidad de 
registrarte en El Foro Landmark. 

Participantes de El Foro Landmark han logrado:
-una comunicacion abierta con sus familias y parejas; 
-mayor productividad en el trabajo y negocios; 
-vivir la vida que uno realmente quiere;
-mejorar su autoestima;

El Foro Landmark

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The Landmark Forum gives us the opportunity to get underneath our beliefs, our assumptions, our handed down ways of being to gain new access to what it means to be human - both individually and as a part of a larger whole. 

It allows us to explore and be part of that special magic that makes up our communities - to be part of something far bigger than our own individual worlds.

From Left: Eladia Rodriquez, Tito Labarta, Lilliana Morales and Yoani Soriana, at one of theiir Landmark Assistant Meetings at the New York Center.   Landmark graduate Tito Labarta at the Landmark New York Center.
"Call us at 212-824-3300 to find out about the next Landmark Forum with translation in Spanish in New York and/or in other cities.

"What I love most about my participation with El Foro Landmark in New York is having the profound privilege to make a difference in the transformation of a community that is very important to me.  

"I am committed that everyone in the Hispanic community is empowered to live the life of their dreams." Tito Labarta

In the Landmark Forum we begin to see ourselves as more than our identities - whether individual, national, or cultural. We are able to redefine ourselves and the reality we have known. 

In doing so we create something beyond the past, something beyond the future we might have imagined. We create something that can dramatically impact the quality of life available to each of us and to all of us.

El Foro de Landmark - Los beneficios y cómo funciona


Plan de Estudio

Después del Foro Landmark: Programas avanzados

Mural of the Statue of Liberty.

Ofrece una nueva dimensión de responsabilidad, satisfacción y gozo

What are the opportunities of our communities?

A community can be a building block of nations, societies, cultures and civilizations.

A view of Manhattan, New York.

A community can be where we find shared interest - a sense of belonging where people and cultures meet, a place where our diversity makes us unique and also requires us to appreciate and respect our differences.

A community can be more than a place on a map or a particular group of people.

El Foro Landmark de México
Mamis Ramirez Valle

De la Florencia in Mexico City, Mexico.


First published on November 18, 2003

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